Address: Roennegade 22, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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LEAK Consult

Supplying Leak Detections Systems to airport hydrant systems worldwide



LEAK Consult is a Danish based company consisting of employees who have been working with leak detection products over the last 8 years.



Because ROSYLEAK is a user-friendly and cost-efficient leak detection system for your hydrant system


Reliable and proven technology

The detection technology behind ROSYLEAK has today been offered to airport hydrant systems for more than 25 years.


The idea behind the technology was originally developed by Oil Consult and others in the late 1980s in parallel with competing strategies and in 1991 an early product was successfully tested on behalf of the Institute of Petroleum.


In 1992 Oil Consult was acquired by the company COWIconsult who in 1995 changed name to COWI A/S.


At COWI the technology developed into a product called 'ROSY' which was installed in various airport over the world.


In the early 2017 COWI decided however to discontinue delivery of leak detection systems, and as a result of this decision an independent company, "Leak Consult", has been formed by former COWI employees who intend to continue supplying leak detection systems partly based on the ideas behind the technology.



Mission Statement

To supply Leak Detections Systems (LDS) to airport hydrant systems worldwide and to supply assistance to the airports regarding meeting and understanding the goals set forward in the international guidelines regarding supervision of the airport hydrant systems.


To continue to strive for suppling a robust, simple, easily installed, easily understood, and self-maintained LDS-tool.


To maintain and develop the existing customer platform into a solid business case for the company employees.


ROSYLEAK advantages

  • Availability is 100%
  • No maintenance
  • Standard external equipment
  • Accuracy: 0.04 litre/h/m3
  • Testing time: 10 minutes
  • Simultaneous test of multiple sections
  • Fully integrated into the SCADA system.




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